Know Your Power to Create a Joyful, Passionate Life

A program for women who are committed to conquering the shackles of past trauma and abuse, to reinvent and grow into a life of self-confidence, freedom, and mastery of both their passions and their purpose.

Cut through the fear and anxiety of self-doubt and the “Not Enough” mentality, make powerful choices for self-love, connection, and freedom from past trauma or abuse. My goal is for you to know “In your bones” that you have the choice to create your life.  Don’t avoid the feelings of the past and abandon them, leaving hopelessness or loneliness, but experience them so you can put them behind you, and live with freedom and joy...FINALLY.

Do you want to:

  • Transform your life, not feeling overwhelming doubt, loneliness, or lack of purpose and passion?
  • Leave the pain of past trauma or abuse behind, once and for all, and live with self-confidence and freedom from unworthiness and shame?
  • Access love and compassion for yourself and others?
  • Feel "in your bones" a deep sense of connection to spirit and your inner voice
  • Discover how to master the day-to-day expression of who you truly are.
  • Show up big in the world sharing your gifts and greatness without guilt or apology

To Get There You Need To:

  • Know that you do have the power to CHOOSE your life, ad that now is finally the time for a change to confidence and joy, otherwise when?
  • Be committed to discovering the damaging thoughts behind your fear and lack of action.
  • Clarify your true "I AM" and life's direction, and get excited about the impact you can and will make in the world
  • Ditch the guilt or shame about actually having a dream for yourself.

The Trouble Is:

  • You don't know how to move from who you are to who you want to be.
  • You don't feel secure in your own skin. You are unsure of yourself and doubt or second guess everything you do.
  • You're feeling stuck in joylessness and negative judgments of yourself while dreaming about a totally different life.
  • You feel alone and you look for approval from others for validation of your worthiness.
  • You're feeling guilty for wanting something for yourself.
  • You are constantly afraid of what everyone else thinks and you are  not comfortable making a decision for YOU

Engaging in the program you will:

  • Have the courage to show up unapologetic in the world, expressing your true uniqueness and gifts without guilt or shame.
  • Take Charge of your life and feelings, and make loving choices that change your "being" while working on what you really want to do.
  • Powerfully engage self-confidence and overcome self-doubt, and be clear on any renewed passion or dream.
  • Stop abandoning your "self" and feel a deep sense of purpose and connection, replacing the feeling of alone.
  • Be excited about what you will be known, respected and loved for.

About Me

I'm Veronica Crystal Young, a Transformational Power Coach.  I work with women who are committed to overcoming negative and damaging effects of past trauma and abuse,  to live their lives with self-confidence, freedom, and mastery of who they truly are. I help them make conscious choices, reclaim their self-confidence, and gain clarity on reinventing themselves, establishing a connection with their spirit, and pursuing their lives of passion, dreams, joy, and fulfillment.

With my success in both the creative and professional worlds, I created my signature program “Reinvention Strategy,” because I am passionate about making sure every woman knows “in her bones” that she has the choice to create her life, and that past failures or traumatic experiences do not dictate her future, even though she may experience fear, unworthiness or hopelessness. Experience the feelings, “Push past the pain” became my mantra in life, and it had nothing to do with exercise. It had to do with not abandoning myself and taking responsibility for my life.

Mine was an extremely long and difficult path. I grew up with a controlling father and years of sexual abuse, which took its toll on my self-worth, confidence, and joy. It took 25 years of self-discovery, counseling, and hard work to overcome the destructive patterns of self-doubt, unworthiness, shame, and hiding to achieve the drive, level of achievement, success, and adventurous life I have today.

Experiencing the feelings, Rewiring my brain to understand the “why’s” and “what’s next” was a journey of knowledge and power I had to share because I wanted to help others “get to the other side of self-judgment, hopelessness, or feeling lost or inadequate to complete happiness, personal strength, & fulfillment. You are not Broken and you don't need fixing. You need love and gentleness for experiencing a deep loss of SELF.

Let's discover the road back to YOU!

Clarity * Consciousness * Confidence * Courage

Create Change 

My Signature Program, "Reinvention Strategy" is a one-on-one coaching program for women who want to transform the damaging effects of past trauma and abuse to reinvent a passionate, free, and fulfilling lifestyle. It's a powerful coaching package where together, we uncover mindset blocks to joy. The unworthiness stories have impacted your ability to take action or pursue a dream or loving relationship. I will help you with the negative, emotional "not enough" mindset or the fear that comes with change, and help you step into your self-confidence and power.....your true, loving "I AM."

The Trouble Is:

  • You are committed to discovering what needs to change for the transformation and mastery of a new way of being. Leaving self-doubt and lack of confidence behind.
  • You no longer want to feel hopelessness and a "what's the use" feeling.
  • You want a clear vision and steps to new and exciting life possibilities.
  • You want to take charge, inspire confidence, and feel a sense of mastery and control over your future.
  • You are willing to take some deep dives into some uncomfortable feelings to reach a fulfilling,peaceful, free and intentional life..

What will you get?

  • Increased self-awareness and esteem, and a strong, loving sense of self.
  • Techniques to identify conscious choices that will create the joy-filled and loving life you have been seeking.
  • Insights into the steps to take to leave your comfort zone, reinvent a new you, and embody who you want to be right now.
  • Practical steps and clarity for the life of joy and passion you always wanted and deserve. There is always an optimal path for joy.
  • Support and inspiration for transitions and mindset changes. I'll be there on scheduled calls and any additional times you need support and encouragement..

Together we will

  • Discover the root of negative feelings and utilize tools to conquer once and for all, self-doubt and lack of confidence.
  • Clarify what life on your terms really means, what you want to happen.
  • Move out of your comfort zone to experience joy, excitement, and a renewed passion for living.
  • Work to release any fear or anxiety of being alone or working thru this process alone.
  • Discover the most efficient way to implement an action plan to support you.
  • Work to cut thru the fear and anxiety of the unknown, and make powerful, conscious choices for success and fulfillment

I am your partner and coach as you reinvent your life and work thru judgments, stories, and beliefs that hold you back.  I will act as your accountability partner and encourage you to perform at the top of your game and in your zone of genius.  My promise to you is that I will take a vested interest in your success.

Benefits of the program: After working with me you will:

Live life intentionally on your terms.

Change your "Being" while working on what you are doing and how you are presenting to the world.

Gain new perspectives,

insights, and aha moments to resistance to love, change or sharing your talents and gifts with the world

Learn strategies to combat fear

to move out of your comfort zone expressing your true feelings, ambitions, "self,"  Unafraid of what others will say and with a new sense of self.

Ditch the old beliefs and choices

you keep making that keep you from happiness, love or, fulfillment and experience a new sense of freedom and purpose

Obtain key resources

to assist with the manifestation of your life's direction and dream.

Have the tools to ground in love and connect to inner wisdom

and spirit, to listen to inner voice for direction, inspiration, healing, and peace. 

Know what to do when you feel stuck

or frustrated with challenges, roadblocks, or self.  

Design and Create your life

as YOU want it, with no apology.  

I know that each woman I work with has her own background and reasons for reinventing herself and why it might have taken this long to finally commit to living fully and pursuing her joy and dream. I’ll meet with you, explore your reasons and story, and really get to know YOU so we can create a unique journey just for you. Together, we will work to uncover your passionate journey to a renewed, confident and reinvented YOU!

The Program

hand with light in it

Month One

Discovery, Vision, and Purpose.

Discover what drives you, What do you want and why. Key values and relationships.

Month Two

Remove Past Stories and Control.

Connect /align with inner voice & spirit. Choices review &Tools to conquer the hold of the past on your joy, and freedom.

Month Three

Freedom and Joy

Action plan for a new state of being.

Create freedom from the past roadmap. Powerfully connect to courage, self-love, and energy to reach fulfillment and Joy.

It's time to feel your power and make the choice and commitment to yourself to move past the pain of the past and choose a life of joy, confidence and true passion.

I know what it takes to succeed and follow your dreams

I've been a Business Systems Efficiency Expert and Analyst for over 10 years and a Manager in the Healthcare Field for over 30 years.

I'm am a Leadership & Transformation Coach, and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

I'm a sexual assault survivor and have worked for over 35 years on self-development and life's challenges. I know what it means to take responsibility for life and the power of choice for an awesome, successful, and joy-filled life.

I am the Creator/Producer of the popular Nature DVD series “TV ArtScapes,” a professional singer with the Country Western Band “Crystal Whiskey,” and a

professional Actor (SAG/AFTRA).

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