Sometimes We Need a Little

Support for Change

Critical Courage

Weekly Cards for Empowerment and Change

It can be challenging to attempt or deal with a life change, especially if there is fear or uncertainty, or there are unhealed wounds from the past. Oracle cards have always been used as a tool for connecting with intuition and messages from the universe.

Change begins with small steps, and one positive action and thought after another. Frequently we get caught up in negative self-talk. These affirmations can be used to combat these often sub-conscious patterns and replace them with positive narratives.

These cards are created with Love and the Highest intentions. Use them to reclaim a positive mindset every day, and stay on track with nudges from the universe on your Path the Change.

You are at a crossroads

to take action & feel free

Use these Cards Daily to....

  • Cut thru the fear and anxiety of self-doubt and the "not enough" mentality.
  • Make powerful choices for self-love, connection, and freedom from past negative patterns and thoughts.
  • Feel “In your bones” and with certainty that you have the power to change your life.
  • Be hopeful, open your mind, and clear your limits to discover renewed purpose.

Clarity * Consciousness * Confidence * Courage

Create Change 

I hope you will take the opportunity to dive into the beauty and love that is you, and invest in yourself to start mastering living in the NOW with 

Joy, Peace, Confidence and Love....this day, and every day!  

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Love.

It is my mission to inspire you to discover what it is that is creating an unfulfilling life, despite an outward appearance of success and happiness.

To uncover and overcome damaging effects of negative self-talk and pictures of the past;

to live your life with self-confidence, freedom, and mastery BEING who you truly are.

I want to help you make conscious choices, reclaim your self-confidence, and gain some clarity on direction,

establish a connection with spirit and LIVE YOUR LIFE of SUCCESS with joy, love and fulfillment. 

You are Wise, Worthy and Beautiful, and Youth is in your Passions!