A Journey towards

Fulfillment & Success.

Life is Meant to be Enjoyed, and bring Happiness, Peace, and Love.

If you have been trying to chase love or success, and just can't seem to feel happy or fulfilled,

You do not have to figure it out all alone.

There IS Support.

My name is Veronica Crystal Young.

Thirty (30) years in the Corporate and Creative worlds, has taught me much. Many times I would feel alone, scared to speak up or be seen for fear of rejection or judgment. Like I had to prove that I was good enough, smart enough, talented enough. And I felt so alone.

Everyone always said, "You have it all together, you have everything." I felt guilty because despite my success I was not happy. I was constantly tired and had no energy to even do the things I used to enjoy.

I was constantly doing more and looking for the next thing to make me happy or feel loved.

I know how hard it can be to connect your head (what you know) with your heart (what you want) and to actually listen. I know how difficult it can be to manage your feelings and emotions. How challenging it can be to really FEEL and be CONFIDENT in who you are, show up that way 100% of the time, and lastly to maybe even be totally honest with yourself about why you feel the way you do. After going thru my own journey, and helping others go thru theirs, I created this program.

I know I wish I had something like this when I was wading thru my feelings of bad, or loss, or just plain not enough. Our thoughts about who we are and what we have been through can influence everything.

This course will challenge you to find your true self, stand in your power as you find it, and BE the unique, loving, happy person you inherently are and were………BEFORE the world and circumstances influenced your thoughts about YOU and your capabilities.

Let’s do this!


Critical Courage - OnLine Program for Confidence and Change


Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Will I ever feel safe to speak up and ask for what I want?
  • Will I ever feel free to be who I am in every situation without fear of judgment or pain?
  • Will I ever stop feeling powerless to change my situation?
  • Will I ever be able to release fear and anxiety of having to prove myself all the time?
  • Will I ever know real love and intimacy?

If you are there, I want you to know that I see you, I feel you...and


Critical Courage - Life Mastery

6 Week On-Line Program

  • Each week you will receive a new module full of transformational resources and information
  • Copy of my #1 International Best Selling book "It is Done" - 15 Secrets to Manifest Your Dream Life from 15 Successful Global Entrepreneurs!
  • Access to an Exclusive Facebook Group where I will answer questions, and you and other Critical Courage members can share your stories, challenges, break-thru's, and ask questions directly. 
  • A personal call with me to be scheduled at end of the program to additionally review any questions or assist with next steps.

You'll Walk Away Knowing how to:

  • Define Your Dream Life and Meaningful Future
  • Manage Your Emotions and Positive Outcomes
  • Make Better Choices and Set Healthy Boundaries
  • Reclaim Powerful Self-Identity, Inner Peace and Love
  • Design Your Next Steps and Action Plan
  • Loving Self-Care Practices and Find Meaning and Gratitude Despite any Fear or Pain

I hope you join me on this journey of

Discovery and Knowing Your Power

Copyright 2021 | KnowURPower365 LLC l Veronica Crystal Young

Disclaimer: This work does not replace traditional therapy.

If you're feeling despair or severe depression, please contact a licensed professional.