A program for women who are committed to changing their Life


To Reinvent themselves, Reclaim Joy and Grow in Self-Confidence, Freedom, and Mastery

of both their passions and their purpose.

Are you.......

  • Feeling overwhelming doubt and uncertainty?
  • Successful and holding it together on the outside but screaming on the inside...asking if you will ever REALLY be happy?
  • Feeling empty and a lack of purpose and drive... something you had before but feels lost?
  • Afraid to pursue a dream because you don't think you will be successful?
  • Feeling like you don't know enough or don't know where to start to reclaim joy and passion?
  • Feeling Guilty for wanting something for yourself?

The Trouble Is:

  • You don't know how to move from who you are to who you want to be.
  • You are unsure of yourself and doubt or second guess everything you do.
  • You're feeling stuck in joylessness and negative judgments of yourself.
  • You dream about a totally different life...one free of "have to's" and "should's."
  • You are constantly afraid of what everyone else thinks and you are not comfortable making a decision for YOU.

You Are not Alone.

I experienced all these feelings for many years.

It was only when I reclaimed "me" and learned to stop abandoning what I really wanted that I found my true happiness.

I grew up with a controlling father and years of sexual abuse, which took its toll on my self-worth, confidence, and joy.

It took 25 years of self-discovery, counseling, and hard work to over come the destructive patterns of self-doubt, unworthiness, shame, and hiding to achieve the drive, level of achievement, success, and adventurous life I have today.

With my Success in both the Creative and Corporate worlds, I had to share my journey of knowledge and power because I wanted to help others “get to the other side of self-judgment, hopelessness, or feeling lost or inadequate to experience their complete happiness, personal strength, & fulfillment.

So I created my signature 6-month coaching package “RECLAIM YOU.”

You are not Broken and you don't need fixing.

You need love and gentleness for experiencing a deep loss of SELF.

Let's discover the road back to YOU!


Veronica Crystal Young
Award Winning Speaker-International Best-Selling Author
Leadership Change Coach, Producer, Actor, Singer

This Program is for you if:

  • You are committed to discovering what needs to change for the transformation and mastery of a new way of being. Leaving self-doubt and lack of confidence behind.
  • You no longer want to feel hopelessness and a "what's the use" feeling.
  • You want to experience a clear vision and steps to new and exciting life possibilities.
  • You want to take charge, inspire confidence, and feel a sense of mastery and control over your future.
  • You are willing to take some deep dives into some uncomfortable feelings to reach a fulfilling, peaceful, free and intentional life..

Clarity * Consciousness * Confidence * Courage

Creates Change 


  • Have the Courage to show up unapologetically in the world, expressing your true uniqueness and gifts without guilt or shame.
  • Take Charge of your life and feelings, and make loving choices that change your "being" while working on what you really want to do.
  • Powerfully engage self-confidence and overcome self-doubt, and be clear on any renewed passion or dream.
  • Stop abandoning your "self" and feel a deep sense of purpose and connection, replacing the feeling of alone.
  • Be excited about what you will be known, respected, and loved for.

Copyright 2021 Veronica Crystal Young